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Digital signage displays, videowall and totem

Chose the devices which better fits to your space

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Professional displays for digital signage

Improve your communication with the best devices

Reach a great visual impact with our videowalls and promote your products and services using the most striking system
Take advantage of your shop windows
Professional high brightness screens, designed for shop windows. Boost your brand image to out of your shop and attract new customers to your store.
Indoor screens
Use displays to enhance the purchase decision where it is more effective
Digital Totem
Take advantage of the transit areas to reinforce your brand and enhance purchasing decisions. Move it around thanks to its wheeled base.

Why Laforja?

Idsmedia is yours
Digital signage software without monthly fees
Full solution
We can offer the software, the displays, the setup and our entire help
30 years of experience
Developing digital signage solutions
Technical support
Quick and customized response

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