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Digital Signage for corporate communication

Improve your team cohesion, engage to your employees and improve productivity

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From small companies to big corporations

Get in touch with all employees

Spread the values, improve the engagement and increase the collaboration between teams.
A direct channel, without blocking productive tools
Encourage staff participation
Spread confidence and safety, empathize, appreciate and encourage the resolution of doubts and fears

Reinforce your internal communicaction strategy

Spread your message through all your buildings

More engaged employees
Boost collaboration between departments, mobilize company staff, share your values and vision and promote a cohesive work environment
More engaged employees
Automatically post accident-free days, promote correct use of PPE, highlight PRL regulations, and remember past incidents clearly to prevent recurrence
More engaged employees
Boost productivity, post production data, show data from other systems, alarms, notifications, warnings or publish the planning of work shifts
More engaged employees
Show dynamic directories, meeting rooms, floor plans, announce events, conferences, courses or evacuation messages in case of emergency

With idsmedia, the better

The easiest way to manage your publications and control your digital signage remotely.

Idsmedia, the perfect digital signage manager

Manage a network of displays in a building, across the country or around the world
Create user profiles with personalized access levels and different degrees of management
Authorized users can access from anywhere
Content programming by time schedules, days of the week or punctually and in advance.

Idsmedia, the perfect digital signage manager


Visual 100%
Idsmedia it's easier and simpler ever
Smart Assistant
Drag and drop images and videos and idsmedia will create presentations for you, ready to publish.
Program easely different contents on each display.
Simple Schedule
Forget about complex programming grids. Schedule in advance when your content should be displayed and when it should stop.
Bring your screens to life with dynamic content from different sources.
Offline Mode
Idsmedia displays work even in case of no connection. Even the schedules.

Why idsmedia?

Idsmedia is yours
Without monthly fees
Full solution
We can offer the software, the displays, the setup and our entire help
30 years of experience
Developing digital signage solutions
Technical support
Quick and customized response

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